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Many Dimensions Charles Williams

Many Dimensions

Charles Williams

Published 1952
254 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

...One of the most gifted and influential Christian writers England has produced this century. - Time MagazineReading Charles Williams is an unforgettable experience - Saturday ReviewIt is satire, romance, thriller, morality, and glimpses of eternity rolled into one. - The New York TimesCharles Williams, who died in the summer of 1945 at the age of fifty-nine, was a man of unusual genius in several kinds of writing. His work included poetry ,drama, literary criticism, and several important volumes in the field of theology. In addition he wrote a series of seven remarkable novels.These novels have been constantly asked for by a small but enthusiastic public. There is nothing in fiction quite like these novels. They may be described as supernatural thrillers, popular novels in the best sense, by a man who had something important and quite individual to say. When we say thriller, we mean that their plots are adventurous and breathless, their scenes sometimes entrancing and sometimes horrifying- and when we say supernatural, we mean that Williams had a real experience of the supernatural world to communicate. He excels in descriptions of strange experiences such as many people have had once or twice in their lives and have been unable to put into words. There are pages which describe with frightening clarity,the deterioration and damnation of a human soul, and pages which describe the triumphant struggle towards salvation. These are novels which can be read on a train journey and are likely to carry you past your destination- they are also novels that you will want to keep and read a second and a third time with increased appreciation and deeper understanding.Cover Illustration: Jim Lamb